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This gallery is dedicated to the backpack installation in the Isla Vista tragedy memorial 2018, created by Briana Michel (senior at UCSB in 2018). Each backpack represents a student who has lost their life on school grounds from the Columbine shooting to present (June 2018). The tag on these bags include the name of a victim and the school they attended.To see a video of this memorial, please click here (KEYT news).

Below are photos of cellist Kathryn Carlson's playing at the IV tragedy memorial and the labyrinth, May 23-25, 2018.  While playing, she wore a wristband "Not One More" given by Mr.Martinez, father of the victim Christopher Martinez. A blue color yarn thread was tied to the end of her cello bow, and was handed to the audience around the backpack installation - as a symbol of unity and empathy.