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Score & Performance Instruction

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Performance Instruction 

1. In discussion with the theme-composer, we'll choose several news articles to read together regarding to the social issue you are related to. Or, you can choose any articles that speak to you and that you want to express through your music. Choose emotions and physical sensation on the list provided via email communication that resonates your heart-body-mind. Go back to the theme. Based on the theme, express the feeling and body sensation in your heart-body-mind. Feel free to change the way you play, as your body sensation and emotion lead you. This is your own variation. 


2. Start with the theme. Then make your own variation. You could end with the theme, making the whole piece a cycle, but not necessarily have to. 


3. In the music-making process, you can also refer to previous players’ variation, as this is a “collective” creation – please email me. Recordings or scores can inspire you. 


4. (Optional) Use of prop: tie the end of yarn to any part of your body or instrument, then play. For example, cellist Kathryn Carlson used a blue yarn and tied it to her bow, and passed the yarn around the audience, connecting the audiences and her while she played, and she wore a bracelet saying “Not One More” given from Mr. Martinez, father of one of the IV shooting victims Christopher Martinez. Trombonist Jacob Elkin used police tapes instead, to emphasize the brutality of gun violence. Any prop can be used if appropriate. 


5. Spread the word: on the program note or any announcement during the performance, please spread the word about what we can do against the gun violence. For example, at cellist Kathryn Carlson’s concert, there was an announcement that encourages the audience to participate in the survey of the Isla Vista shooting aftermath and psychological support, as well as the gun safety movement organized by You can also tell the audience how this performance is designed (the articles provided and chosen emotion, etc.), what this ‘musical relay’ aims. 


6. Invite community organizers, volunteers, anyone involved in this issue to this concert, if possible. Ask them what we can do for them, for this issue, and prepare any related materials (donation box, petition form, etc.) at the concert. 


7. (Optional) During the performance at any moment you feel appropriate, say that “I hope……and I do (  ) here and now.”  Audiences repeat it. Invite audiences to join it, and let them speak:  “I hope……and I do / am going to do …..” By doing so, each of us declares that we take responsibility for the better world, even just a teaspoonful better. 


8. Video-record the performance, and please send it to me – it would be added to the “collective creation” and shared with other musicians who join next in this relay. 

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