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Hope in Labyrinth calls for musicians' participation in social issues with  music’s forgotten meaning: music as social activity, collective creation and expression. One shared theme, many different variations created by all different performers, not a single composer – and your performance will be carried towards the next performer, as a musical relay. 


This is about artists’ responsibility for making the world better, even though a teaspoonful better. This piece was born after the Isla Vista shooting in 2014, in the memory of victims, spreading the word out to take action toward the gun safety. 


It is not for mourning the victims - not about feeling “sorry,” not about sympathy. Rather, this is a social-activism piece bringing more awareness of what we can do against the gun violence – it is about a strong “will” for taking action. 



From the memory of the Isla Vista shooting victim, May 23, 2014 


George Chen,

Christopher Michaels-Martinez,

James Hong,

Katherine Cooper,

David Wang,

Veronika Weiss


To taking action, HERE and NOW. 

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